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BS in Actuarial Science Courses

The Bachelor of science in Actuarial Science curriculum requires the completion of 44 hours of  course work in addition to the 76  general education and additional hours for a total of 120 credit hours.  The following courses are required for the actuarial science major:

General Education Requirements - 42 credit hours

MA 312 Historical Aspects of Mathematics
Select one:

  • PH 224 University Physics I & PH 234 University Physics II
  • CH 104 General Chemistry I & CH 114 General Chemistry II
  • BIO 114 Principles of Biology I  & BIO 124 Principles of Biology II

PHL 343 Logic
ECO 213 Microeconomics
ECO 223 Macroeconomics
Humanities Elective - 3 credit hours
ENG 143 College Composition or ENG 133 Technical Communication
HUM 203 Humanities Seminar
SP 203 Effective Speaking or COM 163 Interpersonal Communication
EXS 102 Lifetime Wellness
CSIT 163 Using Programming Languages to Solve Problems or CS 1113 Introduction to Object-oriented Programming
BA 213 Advanced Spreadsheets for Business
General Education Elective - 3 credit hours

Content Requirements - 45 credit hours

A grade of "C" or higher is required for each content course in the major.

MA 134 Calculus I
MA 164 Calculus II
MA 213 Calculus III
MA 233 Differential Equations
MA 313 Linear Algebra
MA 343 Sets and Logic
MA 3093 Probability
MA 393 Probability and Statistics
MA 3193 Financial Mathematics
MA 3293 Advanced Probability and Statistics
MA 403 Advanced Calculus
MA 4093 Actuarial Modeling (Capstone)
FIN 303 Managerial Finance
FIN 403 Investments 
UE 101 University Experience

Free Electives - 33 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.