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BS in Biochemistry Courses

The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry major requires the completion of 120 hours of course work. The average course load is 15-16 hours based on eight semesters (Biochemistry suggested four-year plan-update pending).

View courses for this major that are part of the Master of Physician Assistant Studies in Biochemistry.

General Education Requirements – 30 credit hours

BIO 114 Principles of Biology I and Laboratory
CH 104 General Chemistry I and Laboratory
ENG 133 Technical Communication 
   OR ENG 143 College Composition

ENG 153 Introduction to Literature
HUM 203 Humanities Seminar
MA 134 Calculus I
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
SP 203 Effective Speaking
   OR COM 163 Interpersonal Communication
Humanities or Social Sciences Elective - 3 credit hours

Biochemistry Core Requirements – 59 credit hours

BIO 324 Microbiology and Laboratory
BIO 343 Cell Biology
BIO 364 Toxicology and Laboratory
BIO 414 Genetics and Laboratory
BIO 454 Molecular Biology and Laboratory
CH 114 General Chemistry II
CH 202 Introduction to Chemical Literature and Communication
CH 204 Organic Chemistry I and Laboratory
CH 214 Organic Chemistry II and Laboratory
CH 234 Quantitative Chemical Analysis and Laboratory
CH 302 Professional Practice in Science
CH 324 Chemical Instrumental Analysis and Laboratory
CH 434 Biochemistry I and Laboratory
CH 444 Biochemistry II and Laboratory
MA 253 Statistics
SCI 412 Senior Research Seminar and SCI 422 Senior Research Project
   OR SCI 434 Science Internship
UE 101 University Experience

Choose one of the following 3 tracks in addition to the Biochemistry Core

Traditional Track - 31 credit hours
CH 354 Physical Chemistry I and Laboratory
MA 164 Calculus II
MA 213 Calculus III
PH 224 University Physics I and Laboratory
PH 234 University Physics II and Laboratory
Science electives - 4 credit hours
Unrestrictive electives - 8 credit hours

Physician Assistant Track - 31 credit hours
BIO 124 Principles of Biology II and Laboratory
BIO 163 Medical Terminology
BIO 384 Human Anatomy and Physiology I & Laboratory
BIO 394 Human Anatomy and Physiology II & Laboratory
Science Elective - 8 credit hours
Unrestrictive electives - 8 credit hours

Pre-Medical Track - 31 credit hours
CH 354 Physical Chemistry I and Laboratory
MA 164 Calculus II
MA 213 Calculus III
PH 224 University Physics I and Laboratory
PH 234 University Physics II and Laboratory
PHL 313 - Ethics
SOC 103 - Principles of Sociology
Science Elective - 6 credit hours

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.

Additional program courses

Master of Physician Assistant Studies direct entry Majoring in Biochemistry

Trine University offers to qualified students a direct entry five-year plan of study leading to a bachelor degree and a Master in physician assistant studies.

Direct Entry 3+3  degree path recommended sequence of courses for biochemistry.

 Learn more about the direct entry program.