BS in Biochemistry Faculty

Vicki Moravec
Chair, Department of Science
Professor of Chemistry
B.S. - Purdue University
Ph.D. - University of Illinois
Specialty: Physical Chemistry, Chemical Education

Ann Armitage Benson
Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.S. - Tulane University
B.S. - Trine University
M.S. - Indiana University
Specialty: Applied Chemistry

Angela Bojrab
Assistant Professor of Biology
Chair, Pre-Medical Professional Track
B.S. - Purdue University, Fort Wayne
D.P.M. - Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
D.P.M. - Sisters of Charity Hospital, New York
Specialty: Anatomy and Physiology

Steven Dulaney
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.A. - Adrian College
Ph.D. - Michigan State University
Specialty: Carbohydrate Chemistry and Organic Chemistry

Ira Franklin Jones
Professor of Biology and Chemistry
B.S. - Davidson College
M.S. - New York University
Ph.D. - Auburn University
Specialty: Analytical Chemistry, Insect Physiology

Tony Layson
Associate Professor of Chemistry
B.Sc. - Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN
Ph.D. - Iowa State University
Specialty: Analytical Chemistry

Jennifer Meloche
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
B.S. - Alma College
Ph.D. - University of Notre Dame
Specialty: Organic Chemistry

Hong Park
Associate Professor
B.S. - Pukyong National University, South Korea
Ph.D. - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Specialty: Genetics

Science Laboratory Technician/Safety
Dan Buehrer
B.S. - Tri-State University

Department of Science Office
Emily Chancellor

Administrative Assistant
A.A.S. - Indiana Vocational Technical College
A.A. - Tri-State University
B.A. - Trine University
B.A. - Trine University