BS in Criminal Justice Faculty

Cisco Ortiz
Chair, Department of Criminal Justice
B.S. - Trine University
M.S. - Indiana Wesleyan University
Specialty: Probation/Parole, Juvenile Justice, and Corrections

Michael W. Hess
Assistant Professor 
B.S. - Michigan State University
J.D. Thomas M. Cooley Law School
Specialty: Law and Government

Jaime Klopfenstein
Adjunct Faculty
B.S. - Indiana University
M.S. - University of Cincinnati 
Specialty: Probation

Craig W. Laker
Associate Professor 
C.B.S./B.S./M.P.A./M.A. - Indiana University
Specialty: Corrections, Law Enforcement, and Serial Killers

John C. Milliken
Assistant Vice President for Student Success and Engagement
B.A. - The Ohio State University
J.D. - University of Toledo
Specialty: Law and Government

Stacy Sexton
Adjunct Faculty
B.S. - Trine University
M.S. - Trine University
Specialty: Crime Scene Investigation

Shawn Talbot, Ph.D.
Adjunct Faculty
B.G.S.- University of Michigan
M.A. - Western Michigan University
Ph.D. -  Northcentral University
Specialty: Criminal Justice and Psychology