Health and Physical Education Courses

A total of 120 credit hours are required to earn a Bachelor of Science in Health/Physical Education. The courses you need to complete to be eligible for licensure in Indiana may change from what is presented. New requirements for licensure have been approved by the IDOE/OEEL and the governor. When new standards are developed and additional interpretations of the new licensing requirements are made, changes will be made on this website.

General Education - 30 credit hours

MA 113 College Algebra  or higher
BIO 1003 Plants & People
BIO 154 Human Anatomy & Physiology
ENG 153 Intro to Literature
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
EDU 273 Issues in American Education
ENG 143 College Composition
HUM 203 Humanities Seminar
SP 203 or COM 163 Effective Speaking/Interpersonal Communication
EXS 102 Lifetime Wellness

Additional Requirements - 5 credit hour

UE 101 University Experience
4 Hours Free Electives - Electives are determined in conjunction with
an advisor and based on student career objectives.

Health and Physical Education Requirements - 39 credit hours

BIO 163 Medical Terminology
EXS 103 Teaching Sport Skills I
EXS 243 Athletic Training
EXS 263 Motor Learning
EXS 273 Nutrition
EXS 293 Biomechanics
EXS 333 Kinesiology
EXS 373 Health Promotions and Problems
EXS 383 Health Coaching
EXS 483 Professional Development in Exercise Science
EXS 493 Strength and Conditioning Preparation
SM 223 History of Physical Education and Sport
MGT 303 or EXS 203 Risk Management or Risk and Sports

Professional Studies Requirements Grades P-12 - 46 credit hours

EDU 111 Education Exploration 
EDU 211 Education Immersion 
EDU 222 Educational Psychology for the Elementary Teacher
EDU 232 Educational Psychology for the Middle & Secondary Teacher 
EDU 252 School and Community Health
EDU 301 Instructional Design Practicum 
EDU 303 Instructional Design 
EDU 312 Exceptional Learners
EDU 322 Culturally Responsive Teaching
EDU 331 Literacy in the Content Area Practicum
EDU 332 Literacy in the Content Area
EDU 362 Classroom Behavior and Environment
EDU 411 Middle School Practicum
EDU 412 The Middle School
EDU 422 Middle School Methods
EDU 431 Secondary Methods Practicum
EDU 442 Secondary Methods 
EDU 462 Educational Measurement
EDU 463 Educational Media and Technology 
EDU 470 Student Teaching 
EDU 482 Student Teaching Seminar 

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.