Mathematics Competition Registration

Welcome to the 45th Annual Mathematics Competition!
We are very excited to be able to host our annual competition again. 
It will be held on February 16, 2022 at Trine University. 

Each student you will be bringing to the competition will need to register.  They will need to click the box below to register for the competition.  Make sure they fill out all the information and list if they will be taking the elementary or advanced test, and if they will be on a team.  Each team must have 4 students and consists of 2 elementary and 2 advanced students per team.  Each school can register 2 teams during the first registration from November 22 - January 7th.  If we still have spots available then schools can choose to have up to two additional teams for a total of 4.  As their teacher you will need to decide which team they are on.  Once they register they will receive a confirmation email.

For any questions contact Teresa Davidson.



Congratulations to our 2020 Winners!

First place Team - Saint Joseph High School

Saint Joe team winner

First place Advanced test - Kevin Wang - Northridge High School

Kevin Wang