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Mathematics and Physics Faculty

Marissa Nichols
Chair, Department of Mathematics and Physics
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
A.A. - Richland Community College
B.S. - Millikin University
M.A. - Eastern Illinois University 

Lauren Decker
Instructor of Mathematics
B.S. - Indiana-Purdue University Fort Wayne
M.A. - Western Governors University
Specialty: Mathematics Education

Daniel Dobbs
Associate Professor of Mathematics
B.A. - Northwestern college
M.S. - University of Wyoming
M.S. - University of Nebraska, Omaha
Ph.D. - University of Virginia
Specialty: Probability: Stochastic Processes, Small Deviations, Laws of Iterated Logarithm; Financial Mathematics, and Math in Sports

Marty Dygert
Lecturer of Mathematics
B.S. - Tri-State University
M.A. - Ball State University

Melissa Higbee
Lecturer of Mathematics
B.S. - Tri-State University
M.A. - Ball State University

Haseeb Kazi
Professor of Mathematics
B.Sc. - University of the Punjab
M.Sc. - Quaid-I-Azam University
M.S./Ph.D. - Southern Illinois University
Specialty: Numerical Analysis, Special Functions of Applied Mathematics, Elliptic Integrals

Chad Keefer
Associate Professor of Physics
M.A. - Ball State University
M.S. - Ball State University
Ed.D - Ball State University

Thomas Morrill
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.A - Earlham College
M.S. - Oregon State University
Ph.D. - Oregon State University
Speciality:  Number Theory

Cindy Neyer
Associate Professor of Physics
B.S. - University of Kansas
Ph.D. - Iowa State University
Speciality: Application of Symmetry to Physics

Angelia Niederhelman
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S. - Purdue University
M.S. - Purdue University
Mathematics Education

Kim Rentz
Assistant Professor of Phyics
B.S. - Kansas State University
M.S. - University of Iowa
Specialty:  Engineering

Anthony Vasaturo
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S. - University of Toledo
M.A. – University of Toledo
Ph.D. – University of Toledo
Specialty: Operator Theory, Math Education, Fibonacci number with undergrads

Godfred Yamoah
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.S., M.S. - University of Lagos, NG
Ph.D. - Clarkson University, Potsdam
Specialty: Applied Math, Math Modeling/Computational Math, Numerical Methods.

Christina Zumbrun
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
B.B.S. - Hardin-Simmons University
M.S. - Purdue University
Ph.D. - Western Michigan University
Graduate Certificate in Applied Statistics - Purdue University
Specialty: Mathematics Education; Affective Issues in Statistics Education

Physics Lab Adjuncts
Veronica Cockrell
Steve Hulbert
Jeffrey Raymond
Kayla Shaw



Department of Mathematics and Physics Office
Teresa Davidson
Administrative Assistant