Welcome Indiana Online Students

Indiana online logoWelcome Indiana Online students, this page is unique and just for you! Below you will find answers to some common questions about dual enrollment, links to MyPortal, Student Orientation Page (that has tons of additional resources and links to help you with your dual enrollment courses), IT support information, and the links to the Instructions on how to fill out the application and the dual enrollment Application. 

Common Questions:

What is Dual Enrollment and how is it different than Dual Credit?

Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit are similar, but not always the same. Dual Enrollment is the umbrella term used to describe when high school students are simultaneously enrolled in some form of high school or home school while also enrolled in college courses. Both are great opportunities that allow students to earn college credits while still in high school. With dual credit, those credits earned are not just college credits but also apply to their high school diploma as well. 

What are the benefits of Dual Enrollment?

There are a lot of benefits from taking dual enrollment courses including: online work

  • Drastically reduced costs 
  • Prepares you to transition into the world of college
  • Challenges you academically by raising the level of expectations

What courses are available through the partnership between Indiana Online and Trine University?

Below you will find the courses that Indiana Online has partnered with Trine in offering their students. If you are interested, please let your couneslor know so that we can get you enrolled.

  • BA   123 Business Concepts (3) ~ A survey course designed to introduce the student to business issues and practices in the United States. All major functions of business are included (management, marketing, law, finance, economics, operations, accounting, information technology) as well as issues facing the business person (ethics, globalization, motivation, etc.) Suitable for students considering a career in business as well as for non-business majors who will interact with the business enterprises (e.g., educators, engineers). students studying
  • BIO  1003 Plants and People (No Lab) (3) ~ An introduction to the basic principles of plant biology and the interrelationship between plants and humans with an emphasis on basic plant anatomy and physiology, economic and historical importance, and the roles of plants in the biosphere. Open to non-science majors only
  • BIO  163 Medical Terminology (3) ~ This course introduces building and utilizing a medical vocabulary through the use of prefixes, suffixes, word roots, and combining forms/vowels. Emphasis is placed on correct spelling, pronunciation, and knowing the correct definitions of many medical terms
  • PH   154 College Physics I (4) ~ An algebra-based introduction to the concepts and application of Newton's Law, linear and rotational motion, work, energy, and momentum, solids and fluids, and heat. Experimental investigation of selected topics. Prerequisites: MA 113, MA 123 Prerequisite: MA 113 and MA 123. Corequisite: Lab Required Indiana online logo
  • SP   203 Effective Speaking (3) ~ Throughout this course, students will learn communication principles to improve public speaking and listening skills. Through application, students will develop confidence in the delivery of oral presentations. Additionally, students will learn how to organize, outline, research, and conduct audience analysis to prepare for effective speaking.

I want to know more about Trine, Trine Dual Enrollment, and can I take additional courses not listed?

Absolutely! If you are interested in seeing what else Trine can offer you, or to find information about how to contact us, go to the About Us page; or to see what Trine can offer you, visit our Courses and Pathways page to explore your options.  

Application & Registration

Ready to apply and become a Trine Dual Enrollment student? GREAT!

You can start the process of applying with just a few quick steps.

  1. First, click the application link below to fill out your dual enrollment application. Once you have finished the application, you will be taken to the next page. Click on the Dual Enrollment Student Agreement Form Link. This will take you to our agreement form page. Your information should be prefilled at the top. Make sure your name is correct. Read through the agreement form, select "I agree" and click submit.
  2. Second, Trine will need your transcript. This step will be completed by your school counselor. School counselors will send your Transcripts to Trines Parchment account.

*Registration for Spring semester starts in late October-November & for Fall starts in early April. Make sure you let your counselor know as early as you can before seats fill up! 


Below are some resources and links to help you as a Indiana Online and Trine Dual Enrollment student:

student orientation