Financial Aid Forms




Institutional Forms

  1. Alternative Loan Certification Form (for FAFSA Refusal) (398k)
  2. Authorization Form (261k)
  3. Cost of Attendance Worksheet (347k)
  4. Dependency Status Form (151k)
  5. FAFSA Signature (342k)
  6. FAX Release of Information Form (359k)
  7. Low Income Verification Form (640k)
  8. Notification of Outside Funding/Awards Form (513k)
  9. Parents Refusal to Complete FAFSA Form (419k)
  10. PLUS Change Request Form (532k)
  11. Proof of Dependents(s) Form (646k)
  12. Proof of Emancipated Minor or Legal Guardianship Status (466k)
  13. Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form (576k)
  14. Special Conditions Appeal Form (952k)
  15. Study Abroad Checklist (349k)
  16. Study Abroad Scholarship (345k)
  17. Summer Financial Aid Request Form (Main Campus) 
  18. Veteran Status Confirmation Form (193k)
  19. Ward of the Court Verification Form (358k)

Informational Forms

  1. How to Activate Your MyTrineFA Account (642k)
  2. How to Complete Financial Awareness Counseling (480k)
  3. How to Complete a Parent PLUS Loan (558k)
  4. How to Complete a Student Stafford Loan (591k)
  5. How to Complete the FAFSA (Video, 7 Steps Video)
  6. How to create an FSA ID  (Video)
  7. How to recover FSA ID Password (Video)
  8. How to recover FSA ID Username (Video)
  9. What is an FSA ID (375k)
  10. How to get us your 2016 IRS Tax Data (221k)
  11. How to use the IRS Data Retrieval on your FAFSA (1045k)
  12. How to obtain your Federal Tax Return Transcript (607k)
  13. How to obtain your Nonfiling Tax Transcript (900k)

Federal Forms

  1. 4506-T Form (95k)
  2. FAFSA on the Web Worksheet (171k)
  3. High School Completion Status Form (447k)
  4. Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose Form (550k)
  5. Untaxed Income Verification Form (401k)
  6. Selective Service Registration
  7. Self Certification Form (Private Loans) (35k)
  8. Verification Worksheet (520k)