College Panhellenic Council (CPH)

The College Panhellenic consists of six social sororities:  Alpha Sigma Tau, Gamma Phi Epsilon, Kappa Sigma Alpha, and Theta Phi Alpha.

CPH is the established governing body of the on-campus Trine University social sororities.  As stated in its constitution, CPH’s purpose and creed is: “…to promote relations between each social sorority; to be the united governing body of all social sororities recognized by Trine University . . . The members of social sororities stand for good scholarship, for guarding of good health, for maintenance of time standards, and for serving, to the best of their ability, their college community.”

The College Panhellenic conducts weekly meetings to converse on current campus issues and any additional business.  The meetings are attended by the CPH Executive Board, the Greek advisor, and the President and representatives from each sorority.

CPH has a delayed recruiting system, in that freshman cannot become a member until their first semester has been completed.  A prospective member must also be attempting at least 12 credit hours and must meet all University academic requirements.  CPH maintains a dry recruitment policy for all its member sororities.

CPH cooperates with the Office of Student Services to sponsor a variety of activities for Trine University students.  CPH also participates in various community service projects throughout the community.