The Humanities Symposia, now in its 13th year, is presented by the Department of Humanities and Communication.

Originally conceived as space for scholars and artists to present their research outside of academic conferences, the Humanities Symposia has developed into a series of public presentations covering a wide range of topics related to the humanities.

Open to university and larger community, the sessions are held in Wells Theater in Taylor Hall. This events are free but with a limited seating of 75 guests, attendees are encouraged to arrive early. Presentations begins at 3 p.m. and usually lasts about an hour including time for questions.

2022-2023 Humanities Symposia  

  • "Follow me into the heart of Dracula's Castle...if you are brave enough!" -Professor LouAnn Homan
  • "The Myth of the Medieval Flat Earth and Why It Matters" - Dr. Eric Goddard
  • "Sacred Space and Creating a Space in Medieval Iceland" - Dr. Melissa Mayus
  • "Wartime Secrets: The Origins of Comic Protagonists" - Professor Patrick Ridout
  • "Barrier in the Field: Seikighara's Influence over Manga's Storytelling" Professor Patrick Ridout
  • "Dangerous Stories: Banned Books Today" - Dr. Jeanette Goddard
  • " 'A Question of Right and Duty' The Civil War Letters of Colonel Luther M. Strong of the 49th Ohio Volunteer Infantry" - Professor Michael Sutton
  • "The Story Behind Your Food" - Bon Appetit sustainability fellow Elise Kulers


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For more information about the Trine Humanities Symposia, contact Melissa Mayus, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, at