Full-time Faculty

Brendan Allen
Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Ecopoetics, Urbanism, Rhetoric and Composition

Ana Boman
Spanish Linguistics, Second Language Applications, Spanish Comparative Literature, Latin American Literature

Dr. Jeanette Goddard
Comparative Literature, Genre, British Literature, Literary Criticism/Theory

Kandee Heisler

Dr. Timothy Hopp
Rhetoric and Composition, Drama

Dr. Melissa Mayus
Medieval Literature, Old English, Old Norse-Icelandic, Religion and Literature

Dr. Janelle Pulczinski
Comparative Literature, Modern, British and American Literature, Literary Theory (Gender/Critical Race Theory), Narrative

Ryan Schnurr
American Literature/Studies, Environmental Humanities, Journalism and Film and Media Studies

Dr. Henry Yukevich
Romantic Poetry, 18th Century Philosophy, Creative Writing

Sarah Zimmer
Art, Photography, Visual Communication, Architecture and Art History


Isabel Soto
Administrative Assistant

Adjunct Faculty

Andy Brown
Trine Broadcasting Network

Lou Ann Homan

Colin Meadowcroft
Trine Broadcasting Network

Emeriti Faculty

Dr. Jeanine Samuelson

Dr. Tom Tierney
Restoration Literature