Student Opportunities

Here at Trine University we are well aware that experience is key. That why we provide various opportunities in a wide range of programs for our fellow HAC majors to get involved in.

 Hands-On Classes

Our department offers a variety of classes involving real world problems. You can learn to write for the media, manage website content, learn how to sufficiently communicate within the workplace, and even plan actual events. Learn more about our hands-on classes.


Trine offers a variety of internships on campus, and even has many internships you can get involved in off campus. Check out our internships page to learn about the various opportunities on campus. Learn more about our internship opportunities.

Broadcasting Network

Trine Broadcasting Network produces high-quality multimedia coverage of Trines events and provides listening entertainment through the state-of-the-art production and broadcasting equipment in the MTI Center, enhancing academic experiences for future media professionals. Learn more about Trines Broadcasting Network.


Interested in making podcasts? Join the club! We have many students who create a variety of podcasts like Stormcast, Trine Footballs podcast, and High Class Low Lifes. Check it out on soundcloud. 

HAC Media Team 

The HAC Media Team offers students practical, real-life experience in the communication field by exploring skills in writing, conducting source interviews, video production, podcast creation, event coverage, photography, social media management, and more. Students create content and cover news and events for the Humanities and Communication Department and the Jannen School of Arts and Sciences.  Learn more about the HAC Media Team.