Seated Class Attendance Requirement

As per USCIS regulations and Trine University policy, it is mandatory for students to attend their seated class dates for in-person instruction. This means that you must attend your education center on the assigned date and attend the entire class duration. If you fail to arrive on time, leave early, or miss a portion of the class, you will be dropped from the course. Depending on your situation, this may result in you being considered out of status, and you may be instructed to transfer to another institution or face SEVIS termination.

Trine University allows only one documented extreme circumstance for the entire academic career. Extreme Circumstances will be considered for the following:

  • Extreme Illnesses
    • A doctor's visit completed on the day of or before class is required to be reviewed for approval. A doctor's note must be submitted with a wet signature stating the excused dates and the U.S.-licensed medical practice where the visit occurred.
  • Pharmacy receipts or medications are not accepted as proof of illness.
  • Flight Delays or Cancellations
    • Notification of the delay or cancellation must be submitted for review. Attaching only boarding passes is insufficient. Students are responsible for arriving at the airport on time, even during inclement weather.
  • Family Emergencies:
    • If a member of the immediate family dies, a death certificate must be provided.
  • Car Accidents:
    • A police report is required for review. The evidence must show the date, time, and location. 

Extreme circumstances will not be approved due to the following:

  • Missed Class Due to Unknown Date
  • Students who miss a seated class because they are unaware of the date are not eligible for review. Class dates are available on the Find My Class Form page, as well as the course syllabus and class announcements. It is the student's responsibility to confirm their class dates.
  • Weather
    • Students are encouraged to travel the day before class to ensure attendance and avoid late arrivals. Extreme weather circumstances will not be considered an excuse for missing class.
  • Expecting mothers
    • Expecting mothers are expected to attend their scheduled seated classes. If there is a complicated pregnancy, please contact your DSO in regards of an RCL option.

Students approved for an extreme circumstance will be scheduled for a makeup class when available. The extreme circumstance request will be reviewed for further action if no makeup session is available. This date is mandatory and cannot be changed. Late or missed attendance at the makeup session will result in administrative withdrawal from the course. Administrative withdrawal may lead to falling below the minimum credit requirement (6 credits) and potential dismissal from the university.