Training Lab Equipment

SACA C-101
Amatrol Skill Boss: Performance-based assessment for evaluating future machine operators. Featuring an electric motor, variable frequency drive, human-machine interface and pneumatic pick-and-place module, this system will quality test and sort blocks made from plastic and metal.


SACA C-201
Amatrol AC/DC Electrical Training System: Explores fundamental concepts of AC and DC electrical systems. Covers technical skills including how to operate, install, design and troubleshoot basic AC and DC electrical circuits.

Amatrol Portable AC/DC Electrical Learning System: Teaches fundamentals including how to operate, install, design and troubleshoot basic AC and DC electrical circuits.

SACA C-202, C-203, C-204
Amatrol Electric Motor Control Learning System: Covers electric relay control of AC electric motors, including how to operate, install and design AC electric motor control circuits. The added Motor Control Troubleshooting Module provides a more realistic troubleshooting environment via computer-based fault insertion. The added Variable Frequency AC Drive Learning System teaches basic and advanced concepts related to variable frequency drives, as well as their many industrial applications.
Amatrol Portable Motor Control Troubleshooting Learning System: Features a three-phase AC squirrel cage motor and uses three-phase AC for power and 24 VDC for control. Prepares learners for applications like conveyor control and driving large utility pumps, and to interpret ladder diagrams.

SACA C-206
Amatrol Electrical Wiring Learning System: Allows learners to study and practice electrical wiring skills such as: installing control wiring in an electrical panel; installing wiring into limit switches, solenoids, and pressure switches; and understanding the importance of correct wire size, material and insulation.

Hydraulics and Pneumatics

Amatrol Basic Fluid Power Learning System: Teaches fundamentals of hydraulic and pneumatic power.

SACA C-255
Amatrol Basic Hydraulics Learning System: Introduces fundamental hydraulic principles such as pressure and flow while simultaneously teaching industry-relevant hydraulic skills.

SACA C-256
Amatrol Hydraulic Maintenance Learning System: Teaches skills related to servicing and maintaining hydraulic systems and components, including hydraulic filter and fluid maintenance, fittings, seals, hydraulic hose and clamping devices, hydraulic tubing and hydraulic component installation.

Amatrol Basic Hydraulic Troubleshooting Learning System: Teaches how to troubleshoot hydraulic systems and components such as hydraulic motors, directional control valves and cylinders.

SACA C-209
Amatrol Portable Pneumatics Learning System: Teaches basic and intermediate pneumatic concepts. Learners will operate pneumatic cylinders, flow controls, directional control valves, air motors and pressure gauges.

SACA C-304
Amatrol Pneumatic Troubleshooting Learning System: Models a real-world electro-pneumatic machine. Allows 30 faults to be inserted into the system, teaching learners essential troubleshooting skills.

Mechanical Drives

SACA C-210
Amatrol Mechanical Drives 1 Learning System: Covers mechanical drive systems, key fasteners, power transmission systems, V-belt drives, chain drives, spur gear drives and multiple shaft drives.

SACA C-301
Amatrol Mechanical Drives 2 Learning System: Covers construction, operation, installation, alignment and maintenance of heavy-duty V-belt drives, synchronous belt drives and heavy-duty chain drives.

Process Control

Amatrol Level and Flow Process Control Troubleshooting Learning System: Covers calibration, installation, operation and troubleshooting for flow and liquid level process control systems and components.

PLC Programming & Operation

SACA C-207, C-208
Amatrol Portable PLC Troubleshooting Learning System: Teaches Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) programming, operation and applications. Learners develop key PLC troubleshooting skills.

Portable Relay Controls

Amatrol Portable Electric Relay Control Troubleshooting Training System: Covers concepts used to regulate electric motors and fluid power actuators, as well as troubleshooting relay control components and systems.


Amatrol Rigging Concepts 1 Training System: Teaches how to safely move loads. Major topics include hoists, slings, lifts, wire ropes and chain slings.


SACA C-213
Amatrol Portable Electronic Sensor Training System: Teaches operation of electronic, non-contact sensors and their applications in industry, such as sensing movement, detecting metal from non-metal, and determining speed.

Smart Manufacturing

SACA C-214, C-215, C-216
APT PLC/HMI trainers and FANUC LR Mate 200id 4S six-axis robots: Boasting enhanced screen resolution and processing capability, the trainers feature a new user interface with a setup and programming guide as well as tutorials from the website, allowing first-time robot users to create and execute a program in just 30 minutes.


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