The Different Shores

By:  Nick Manolovits

Poetry, 2018


My body lives on those two different shores
Two shores separated by eternity
Both covered with the sand of life but
For my mind lives upon that authentic shore
While my heart lives upon that mystical shore

My mind has set up that camp
It has stood the test of time
It knows what is to happen
For it remembers, remembers the pains
Remembers the tears, that have fallen
Creating those enormous waves
Leaving an impression upon the sand
That sand of the broken hourglass
Of all the futile time spent
Lost, never to be saw again

My heart is stranded upon that mystic shore
Wandering about, for it has no home
It is a dreamer, a drifter
It is lost, wanting to be found
It will presently attempt to escape
But that mystic beach holds a spell upon it
A captivating spell Binding it to want, to desire
But for that is just an enchantment
A false sense, which will never come true
For it is entombed upon that mystic shore

The shores of my life
Eternality apart from each other
For my heart is lost in the mysticism
While my mind is trapped in the truth