BS in Chemistry Faculty

Vicki Moravec
Chair, Department of Science
Professor of Chemistry
Best Hall 301 C
B.S. - Purdue University
Ph.D. - University of Illinois
Specialty: Physical Chemistry, Chemical Education
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Steven Dulaney
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Best Hall 302 B
B.A. - Adrian College
Ph.D. - Michigan State University
Specialty: Carbohydrate Chemistry and Organic Chemistry
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Tony Layson
Professor of Chemistry
Best Hall 366
B.Sc. - Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN
Ph.D. - Iowa State University
Specialty: Analytical Chemistry
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Stephanie Myers
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Best Hall 372
B.S. - Adrian College
M.S. - University of Florida, Gainesville
Ph.D. - University of Florida, Gainesville
Specialty: Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Forensics
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David Quist
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Best Hall 302 A
B.S. – University of Michigan
Ph.D. – Johns Hopkins University
Specialty: Inorganic Chemistry
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Jennifer Staude
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Best Hall 301 B
B.S. - Alma College
Ph.D. - University of Notre Dame
Specialty: Organic Chemistry
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Mike Staude
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Best Hall 301 A
B.S. - University of Northern Iowa
Ph.D. - University of Notre Dame
Specialty: Biochemistry
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Zoe Swaidner
Science Laboratory Instructor
Best Hall 272
B.S. - Trine University, IN
Specialty: Environmental Science, Forestry
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Science Laboratory Manager/Safety
Victoria Hankins
Best Hall 303
B.S. - Huntington University
Gas Chromatography, Chemistry Education, Lab Safety
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Department of Science Office
Emily Chancellor

Administrative Assistant
Best Hall 149
A.A.S. - Indiana Vocational Technical College
A.A. - Tri-State University
B.A. - Trine University
B.A. - Trine University