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Computer Science and Information Technology Courses

The Bachelor of Science with a major in computer science and information technology program curriculum requires the completion of 120 hours of course work including the completion of a minor in a cognate area. The average course load is 15 hours based on eight semesters.

General Education Requirements – 42 credit hours

ENG 103 English Composition I
ENG 133 Technical Communication
EXS 102 Lifetime Wellness
INF 103 Information Technology Applications
MA 173 Essential Calculus
PSY 113 Principles of Psychology
SP 203 Effective Speaking
Lab Science Elective - 4 credit hours
Mathematics Elective - 3 credit hours
Social Sciences Elective - 6 credit hours

Humanities Elective - 6 credit hours
General Education Elective - 3 credit hours

Program Requirements – 42 credit hours

INF 143 Introduction to C#
INF 183 Introduction to Linux
INF 213 Digital Forensic Science I
INF 263 Database Concepts and Applications
INF 303 Network Management
INF 313 Digital Forensic Science II
INF 343 Network Security
INF 373 Advanced Microcomputers
INF 403 Advanced Database
INF 433 Data Mining and Data Visualization
INF 493 Informatics Capstone
MA 203 Discrete Mathematics for Information Sciences
MA 253 Statistics
MA 323 Operations Research

Additional Requirements – 36 credit hours

*Includes Outside Minor Studies  – 24-27 credit hours
Unrestricted Electives – 8-10 credit hours
UE 101 University Experience

*Informatics students must consult with their advisor to choose a minor that is appropriate to their career plan.

For a complete description of the above requirements, please go to the Course Catalog.