BS in CSIT with Web Development Concentration

Students working together

Create pages, sites and applications with the web development concentration

Look at this web page.

Do you wonder why it uses these type sizes, colors and graphics? Do you wonder about the code used to put it together? Do you think you could do better?

If so, the web development concentration within the Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (CSIT) at Trine University may be for you.

The concentration: Content, programming, hosting

Web developers work with content, programming, software and hosting to design functional, secure, user-friendly products. With the web development concentration, you will learn to apply theoretical principles of design to develop sustainable e-commerce systems and web applications.

The experience: Hands-on learning with real-world problems

With courses in network security, digital forensics and data mining, you will benefit from hands-on learning experiences. Students have participated in a capstone experience that includes working with a local business to create a solution for a real-world problem.

The result: Work with the web and databases

Graduates of our computer science and information technology program are ready for jobs in the information and technology industry, business, public service and other professions. With this concentration, you will be qualified to work as a web programmer or database administrator.

CSIT graduates are also prepared for prestigious graduate schools and can pursue a variety of programs, including information and management science, information science, biomedical informatics, information security, information technology, and technical law.