Mathematics Education Alumni

kaitlyn seinerKaitlyn Seiner - 2023

  • Who or what at Trine significantly influenced your career path?

Dr. Griffin and Dr. Tolin significantly influenced my career path while I was at Trine. Each of them led me towards a direction that defines who I am as a teacher. Dr. Griffin challenged me to teach in a diverse setting. This allows me to challenge my biasness daily and build very meaningful relationships with my students. Dr. Tolin helped guide me in the passion of technology usage. I love integrating various technology activities into my classroom to promote purposeful learning.

  • Any advice for current students pursuing their degrees?

You will have many hard days. The few good days you have make all those bad days' worth it. Find the school that supports you and be willing to significantly contribute to the environment and culture of the school.

  • Briefly describe your current position and how you reached it.

I am currently a 6th grade math teacher at Blackhawk Middle School. I also coach the dance team at Blackhawk. I student taught at Blackhawk and loved the culture. When a spot opened up for a math teacher, I took the chance to work in an environment where I was supported.

  • What's a typical day like in your role?

Typically, I begin with my homeroom period. Students do grade checks, work on missing work, have relationship building time, and SEL (social-emotional learning) lessons. Then I have my plan period. Having a plan period in the morning helps me set myself up for success throughout the day. I plan with my co-teachers and decide what our students need based on how the previous day went. Then I teach two periods of math lab. Typically, we do more practice and hands on activities. This gives the students more time to build connections with math and everyday life. Then I have lunch. I eat lunch at 10:30 in the morning! I have one period of math lab after lunch, then three periods of math class. This class we typically do notes and more traditional assignments. After school, I have dance practice. We warm up, run through routines, and make sure we ready for any football or basketball games we are performing at that week.

  • Why did you decide to attend Trine? What drew you to Trine and your chosen major?

I chose Trine because of the reputation of the School of Education, as well as the opportunities the school provided me. The professors I met at visit days were nothing but kind and encouraging; they always wanted what was best for me. I knew I wanted to be a math teacher because of the incredible math teachers I have had in the past. Trine only helped me solidify my choices.

  • How did you feel Trine did in preparing you for your position?

Trine did an incredible job at preparing me for my position. The professors made sure to constantly share various experiences and how to prepare us for various situations. Additionally, they always listened to our concerns, and sought to meet us where we started. I would not be the teacher I am today without the program and professors at Trine.