Jaeger Derouin


Position: DPS
Major: Pre-Law and Criminal Justice
Hometown: Angola, IN

Color bar



Jaeger Derouin has been playing video games for virtually all his life, but that hasn't stopped him from keeping up with his studies. He dual enrolled at Trine University during his Junior and Senior years of high school to get a head start on his college education. He's currently enrolled as a full time student that dual majors in Pre-Law and Criminal Justice. Jaeger is going to use the skills he obtains to work as a litigator, which may open doors to further his career with the Federal Burearu of Ivestigation. He plans on using this experience to excel in the world of Politics. However until then, he's going to focus on playing Overwatch for Trine University, ensuring Trine's place as a top contender in the league. He started playing Overwatch in March of this year (2017), and it is his first entry into the competitive scene. Jaeger Derouin is guy with big dreams and is determined to prove himself to the world.