Science Fair

2024 Regional Fair will be in-person with some components possibly virtual.
Check back here for details as we update our plans for the 2024 Regional Fair.

Proper attention to safety is expected of all participants. Intel ISEFOpens in new window Display and Safety Rules may be used as a guideline.

Note - Exhibits at the regional science fair may not contain live vertebrate animals, preserved specimens, or microbial cultural of any kind. Use the Overview Wizard  to help you determine what forms and approvals are necessary before beginning a science fair project. Projects which use live vertebrate animals, including humans, must follow strict regulations and fill out Protocol formsOpens in new window as imposed by the International Science and Engineering Fair. The Protocol Forms will populate as the online registration is completed at www.sefi.orgOpens in new window


Each Exhibitor must have a write-up of his project. This should be a concise explanation of the objective of the project work, the method used, results, and conclusions. If human subjects used as part of the project consent form(s) must be included with the report, not as part of the display.