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Meet the Director

Janelle Pulczinski

Janelle Pulczinski is the Director of the Writing Center and Assistant Professor in the Humanities and Communications Department. She has been at Trine since January 2020 and specializes in Literature, Composition, and Cultural Studies. In her spare time, Dr. P loves reading anything, hanging out with her cats (who also help her grade sometimes), and baking.

Dr. Janelle Pulczinski 

Meet the Tutors


Alexa is a Civil Engineering Major and a veteran tutor. She loves to connect writing skills to the engineering world. She is eager to help fellow engineers develop their communication skills and have a positive impact on their futures. She is willing to help out anyone with any assignment. Alexa looks forward to seeing you during your next in-person or E-tutoring appointment!




Rex is a Criminal Justice major with a History minor. He most enjoys appointments relating to Criminal Justice, research papers, and anything formatted in APA. He is happy to assist in any way he can!





Kaci is an English Education major. She can provide help with essays, presentations, creative writing, speeches, and editing. 





Leah is a Communications major with a minor in Biology. She is able to help with any HAC or STEM related assignments. Anything from lab reports to presentations, she is ready to assist!





Ava is a biology major. She is qualified to help with anything, and she really enjoys looking over your analytical assignments! She also enjoys academic papers. She is happy to help during any of her hours in the Writing Center.





Emma is a sophomore Elementary and Special Education major. She enjoys working with others to enhance their writing or other assignments. Her strengths include projects, brainstorming, editing, and organization. Emma is available for both in-person, online, and e-tutor appointments.




Hope is a Freshman English major. She loves writing, both technical and creative, and is willing to help with anything from technical essays to presentations. She is excited to see you at your next appointment, either in-person, e-tutoring, or online.





Kenzie is a Sophomore Communications and English Major. She is extremely passionate about writing and is excited to help other students develop their writing and communication skills in any way she can. She is available for in person appointments as well as online and e-tutor appointments.




Lana is a sphomore Computer Science and Information Technology major. She enjoys helping others develop their ideas and further their writing skills. Lana is willing to help with any assignment and is available for both in-person and online appointments.





Mykah is a Junior Psychology Major. He is willing to help with any assignnments in most disciplines. Experienced with AMA, APA, IEEE, and MLA formats. He is available for all appointment types.





Sage is a sophomore English and Communications major. Sage is enthusiastic about writing poetry and short stories. She wants to help others feel confident in their writing skills and have even a little bit of excitement when tasked to write on their own.





Madison is a sophomore, English Education and Special Education Indorsement major. She loves helping others fine tune their own writings. Madison is excited to help others further their writing at the Writing Center. She is open to in-person and E-Tutoring appointments!   





Kasey is a sophomore English Education major. Kasey loves reading and creating stories of her own. She is more than happy to help with any kind of writing ranging from essays to presentations! She is excited to see you at your next appointment, either in-person, online, or e-tutoring. 


Employment Opportunities

Do you have a passion for helping others improve their writing? If so, becoming one of our tutors might be right for you!

Writing Center Tutors work one-on-one with students to assist them in improving their skills as writers, whether this is through researching processes or editing papers. Event planning and other administrative projects are also part of the position. If you don't have experience in a task, experienced tutors are willing to help and mentor you through the process.

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