PA Student Employment Policy

Enrollment in the Physician Assistant Program is a full-time responsibility, and employment during the program is not recommended. Students should be aware that the PA educational program does require occasional evenings and/or Saturday classes or events. For students who do choose to be employed while enrolled in the program, academic activities and requirements must always take precedence over employment activities. Missing classes for employment is not acceptable. Should, a student choose to be employed in a health care setting, the following guidelines should be utilized

  1. PA students are not allowed to work for the PA program as faculty or staff.
  2. PA students employed in health care settings must not represent themselves in any way as a Physician Assistant.
  3. PA students representing themselves as having any degree of expertise as a physician assistant are in violation of state licensure laws. Such claims may result in denial of eligibility for licensure after graduation from PA school. (Refer to Indiana State licensure laws.)
  4. PA students employed in health care setting must not represent themselves as official representatives of the Trine University or its PA Program.
  5. PA student liability insurance only covers students during classroom activities and during assigned clinical activities and rotations.
  6. PA students are advised to carefully read the job descriptions pertaining to unlicensed personnel and should not undertake responsibilities outside this description or the law relative to employment in a medical setting, even if the client or employer requests one to do so.