Registration Guidelines

Science Fair


Your science fair teacher will provide you with your login and password for completing your online registration for your project. Each project to be exhibited at the Regional Fair must be registered.  Registration forms and Vertebrate Animal Experimentation Rules are available online.

All registrations must be submitted and complete online at www.sefi.orgOpens in new window by February 23, 2024 . Projects will be reviewed and passed or returned for corrections-please check your registration on for messages after February 1, 2024.

List of all registration dates.

Use the Overview Wizard  to help you determine what forms and approvals are necessary before beginning a science fair project.

Student researchers will be able to enter all of the required information for their project online through our management system. Through this system, their information will be easily accessible by officials and stored for reference in future projects. SEFI Rules are available at or ISEF Rules 2024, and the Elementary and Middle-School Rules (located on the site).


Human Informed Consent Form
Please use the overview wizard listed above or see chart to help with finding forms needed.
All forms can be found at

Responsibilities of Each Exhibitor

Neither Trine University nor any of the Science Fair Committees, the cooperating groups, or the sponsors assumes any responsibility for loss or damage to any person or exhibit directly or indirectly concerned with the fair.


Please note: If you had an account last year, please reactivate the account by logging in on the Teacher LoginOpens in new window   icon. If you are applying for a new account use the Teacher Registration icon and continue with the application process.