Trine’s Sports Broadcasting

By Alexis Crawford

Professor Andy Brown held a symposium discussing the benefits of implementing sports broadcasting with Trine’s student body. Brown, the voice of Trine sports and host of “Time Out with Andy Brown” on Hillsdale, Michigan’s radio station WCSR, expressed the importance of getting students involved on campus, outside of the classroom.

Many students have become involved in sports broadcasting, all coming from various majors and backgrounds. Kelsy Taylor, a senior marketing major and member of the women’s basketball team, said, “To be a woman in broadcasting will show other women that they are capable of doing anything they put their minds to.” Brown shared that, even if students might not pursue a career in broadcasting, it is useful knowledge to have. “I’ve learned a lot about myself,” said Kyle Dixon, an English education major on the men’s volleyball team, “the relationships I’ve built with my professors and classmates have motivated me to pursue my interests and passions.”

HAC Media team members Brooklynn Gravel and Lauren Banks, both communications majors, have also become involved in Trine’s sports broadcasting team as a way to build practical skills and utilize their communications knowledge outside of the classroom. Professor Brown highlighted many members of his broadcasting team, as well as insights from performances of specific players, such as seniors Nick Bowman and Tara Bieniewicz, and some of Trine’s sports teams in the last year.

“Incorporating broadcasting opportunities provide skills of research,” Brown explained during his presentation. There is a lot of preparation that students take before conducting a broadcast for a game so that they are properly equipped. Working with Trine Broadcasting also allows students to experience more of the “behind the scenes” when it comes to sports as well. It is important to check previously set records, meet with coaches and players for insights, and work with the equipment before the start of the game. For these reasons, it is important that students dedicate themselves to studying ahead so that they can show up fully prepared and ready to perform mentally.

Students also share the results of these games on a podcast called Trine Stormcenter, which is available to listen to on various platforms. If you are interested in keeping up with Trine sports broadcasting content and seeing what students are creating, you can follow Andy Brown on Twitter @TrineVoice and on Instagram @trine_broadcast.

Professor Brown compared much of the preparation that goes into a broadcast, to the academic preparations that students do for their classes. Because of this, students of all majors have the chance to apply their personal and academic skills outside of the classroom. “Trine students have the opportunity to become the next generation of broadcasters,” said Brown.

All students are encouraged to join Trine’s broadcasting team if interested in strengthening communication skills, experimenting with broadcast equipment, and becoming more involved on campus in the upcoming year.


Last Updated: 04/26/2022