Writing Competition Winners Announced

By Lauren Banks

The Amy Salyer-Nicholls Writing Center announced the winners of the Hear My Voice Writing Competition.

Contestants can submit work in four different categories: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and academic writing. This year, a total of 54 entries were submitted. A panel of HAC faculty determined the top six works in each category, and the Trine student body voted to select the Student Choice Award.

Meghan Schrader took first place in the Academic Writing category with her piece, “Out of Place: Julia Ward Howe’s The Hermaphrodite in 19th Century Literature.” Parker Tillmon’s “A Deeper Look at Nuclear Forensic Chemistry” placed second in the category, and Blake Williams’ “Be a Man: A Marxist Rhetorical Analysis of will Wood’s ‘I/Me/Myself’” took third. Kyle Dixon’s “Sensationalism and Crime in 19th Century America” received both the Academic Writing Honorable Mention and Student Choice Award.

Upasana Shrestha’s “Aliens in America” placed first in the Creative Nonfiction category. Meghan Schrader’s “Ode to the College Kid: Is This What They Meant by ‘Youth’?” took second place, and Eden Diller’s “Time Dependence” placed third.

Jason Branch’s “Perfect Victim” received both First Place and the Student Choice Award in the Poetry Category. Reese Greene’s “Move” placed second, and Meghan Schrader’s “Earthen Woman” placed third. Blake Williams received an Honorable Mention for his piece, “The Summer of Love.”

Muriel Mackie’s “Lovely as the Day is Long” took first place in the Fiction category. “The Village of Abernathy” by Travis Mersing placed second, and Parker Tillmon’s “your love gave me flowers” placed third. Blake Williams’s “Factory #234” received an Honorable Mention, and the category’s Student Choice Award went to Presley Wollan’s “on death and dying.”

The winners will be gifted a hard copy book containing the winning entries and will have their names inscribed on a plaque displayed in Taylor Hall. Cash prizes were also awarded, with $100 going to first place, $50 to second place, $25 to third place, $15 for honorable mentions and $10 for Student Choice Award winners.

The winning entries of this year’s contest, as well as previous years, can be found on the Trine HAC website at https://www.trine.edu/hac/writing-contest/index.aspx

Last Updated: 04/26/2022