The Writer’s Block Submissions Approach a Close

By Alexis Crawford

A dedicated group of Trine students has recently come together to create a platform for literary and artistic submissions from students of all majors. The Writer’s Block is a creative publication opportunity for those that might want to publish personal work.

The organization was founded with the intent of allowing Trine’s students to have a safe space where they can openly express their creativity through literary and visual art. Since the submissions have an anonymous option, The Writer’s Block provides students with a platform that’s free from judgement or limitations.

While The Writer’s Block started out as a literary journal, they have also decided to open up the submissions to accept things like photography, digital artwork, and paintings. The Writer’s Block website includes an online gallery to showcase submitted art from students of a wide variety of majors. Submission categories for written pieces include creative fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and creative writing. Written pieces will include cover art that fits well with the work, so students are encouraged to submit original artwork or describe in their submission form what type of art they would like to be included with their composition.

Once a piece is submitted to the Writer’s Block, the team’s “readers” will sort through the work and to a blind reading to ensure that it appropriately follows the guidelines for all submissions. Readers will not know the identity of the writer until after publication decisions have been made. All work that is submitted must be free of plagiarism, hate speech or derogatory language, graphic violence, and spelling or grammatical errors. The Writer’s Block team also recommends refraining from using real-life names or photos of individuals without their consent.

Audrey Smith, a team member of The Writer’s Block, shared a little bit about her experience working on the project so far. “Working with these wonderful ladies to start and accomplish something as big as this has been stressful but has certainly been worth it. We are so curious to hear what the students have to say about the process so far and even some ways we can improve for future years,” she shared, “Keep sending in your submissions!”

Submissions for The Writer’s Block journal will close on Friday, April 15.

For more information and submission details about The Writer’s Block:

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Last Updated: 04/12/2022