Out Of the Bubble: Communication Across Medical Fields

By Alexis Crawford

When it comes to making sure they are best prepared for their future careers and keeping others safe, Trine students take it very seriously. That’s exactly why students gathered in Best Hall to hear from a variety of panelists from Cameron Memorial Hospital discuss the impact that communication has in the medical field.

Jeanette Goddard, the Chair of the Humanities Institute at Trine University, organized the event for students to consider what they’ve learned at Trine, and hear about how it is being applied by real people actively working in the medical field.

The panelists consisted of Andy Aldred, Scott Hirschy, Jon Crabill, Dr. Rumsey, and Christina Krueckeberg of Cameron Memorial Hospital.

Each person spoke about individual experiences they’ve had with miscommunication in the workplace and gave students their best advice on how to work around the obstacles that miscommunication brings forth. The group also discussed the importance of building relationships that help patients recognize that they are cared-for and safe when they come in for appointments.

Krueckeberg, who has over 28 years of experience in the healthcare field, expressed to students what she has found to be the most important approach to communication. She shared that her day often starts with a “daily safety huddle” that she and her coworkers utilize to highlight objectives and trade important information.

Rumsey also explained to students the significance of keeping order within systems, especially within the healthcare field. “I know it might seem silly, but sometimes we have to take time-outs during surgery to make sure we have the correct patient and that the right equipment is being used,” Rumsey shared.

Highlighting the importance of utilizing communication skills to students in the medical field is an effective way to incorporate communication into health sciences. After the discussion, those in attendance were handed index cards and asked to write down their final thoughts and reflections about the symposia.

This event also counted as a CHAT credit for students that attended and signed in. Trine students need at least eight CHAT credits before they can graduate. Students can watch out for more upcoming CHAT opportunities and symposia by checking your Trine email or the CHAT Calendar found on MyPortal.

Last Updated: 03/02/2022