HAC at Work: John Kay

By: Faith Patterson

Trine University senior communications major John Kay has been podcasting on the Trine Broadcasting Network since his freshman year and has worked on sports-related podcasts such as the Storm Center and 3Strikes.

Storm Center was based around Trine’s on-campus sports and included Langston Johnson, a member of Trine’s basketball team, along with many other amazing interviews. 3Strikes was handed down to Kay from Ben Vigliarolo, and discussed mainstream sports news. Currently, he is at the halfway point of working on the Storm Center podcast with Drew Everhart talking about football and basketball!

With that, Kay has learned a lot from podcasting such as the editing aspect; intros and outros, fixing mistakes, and making cuts to allow the podcast to flow naturally. Kay said, “I think the hardest part about podcasting is the preparation that goes into it, especially as a host. You have to come up with a list of talking points, do your research to be able to talk about what’s said, steer the conversation as you record, then edit the thing and put it out. So, making sure you hit on the research for your show can really make or break it.”

Furthermore, after graduation, Kay would like to continue podcasting by finding a job related to sports broadcasting, as he is very passionate about not only sports but being able to create podcasts as well.