Advanced Acting Class

By: Amelia M. Mills

A theatre department is extremely common at most larger universities across the world. Here at Trine, we have a budding one, still evolving from being a minor, and slowly blooming into a full-fledged major. As of right now, COM 373 is a rotating class of varying focus. In order to obtain a theatre minor, you must complete three of these rotating classes and the always available class, Theatre Production.

As someone who has taken Acting, Directing, Theatre Production, and now Advanced Acting, I must say this is a step up from the moral basics that were focused on in normal acting. There is a much heavier focus on how to perform rather than actually practicing. This course is based in theory, concepts and larger-than-life ideas rather than gauging the audience’s reaction, learning basic blocking and finding the “golden key.” This makes the class much more interesting, allowing for a large array of topics to be covered and giving the students much more room to work.

COM 373 is extremely enjoyable for much more serious actors. If you’re not used to acting techniques, the stage, and everything that goes with it, this class may not be for you. However, if you’re looking for a challenge, a space where you can actively explore new depths of characters, as well as having a small enough class where you can freely work in close contact with other peers and Professor Maples, Advanced Acting may just be for you.