TA Opportunities for Jannen School of Arts and Sciences

By: Cooper Lee

Justin Raymond, a Jannen School of Arts and Sciences senior Biology Major, is working as a TA in biology labs.

The position occupied by Justin Raymond is a work-study experience offered to Biology and Chemistry majors. Raymond teaches a freshman, Introduction to Biology lab, meant to teach younger students the basics in lab practices and work. The work-study is quite expansive, giving the school’s majors a chance to learn more while teaching new students.

“I’d say the most rewarding thing about this position is getting opportunity to develop my leadership skills. Teaching is pretty informative, not only for the people learning, but the person teaching as well,” said Raymond.

Raymond’s duties include meetings with the lab instructor to go over the lab and what the students should be doing. During lab, Raymond explains the lab, going over the procedures, showing the students the correct methods, and or ways to use the equipment. He also must assist students with the lab protocol, introducing them to the details of college labs.

When asked about the benefits of the work-study, Raymond said, “It’s a very valuable experience. If your future career is in the biological field, it allows you to practice the skills that you’ve learned in previous years and allows you to work with equipment.”

The Jannen School of Arts and Sciences provides students with an array of opportunities to practice what they’ll be implementing professionally after school.