Jaeger Derouin Spotlight

By: Abbey Wang

Meet Jaeger Derouin, a Trine alum that graduated back in May 2020. Jaeger recently got accepted into Stetson Law School in Gulf Port, Florida.

Born and raised in Angola, Indiana, he followed his mother’s footsteps by attending and graduating from Trine University. Jaeger discussed his hardships in high school and how Trine quickly became a saving grace for him. Due to his transfer from homeschooling to an online high school, Hoosier Academies, many of his credits from his first two years of high school did not transfer. Trine University gave Jaeger the opportunity to dual-enroll, making him a full-time high school and college student at the same time. Jaeger never let these challenges get him down, though. “To say I didn't struggle at times would be a lie, but I survived, and it led me to be where I am now. So, honestly, I'm thankful for those challenges” (J. Derouin, Personal Interview, Feb. 4, 2020).

By the time he graduated from high school (with academic honors), he was a sophomore. Jaeger was then forced to declare a major; law school was something that he knew he wanted to do post-undergrad, so he chose to major in General Studies Pre-Law. Eventually, during his senior year, he changed his major to Criminal Justice with a minor is Forensic Psychology. During all that craziness, Jaeger found time to work as a second chef for Bon Appetit and a key member of the new E-Sports team here at Trine.

While waiting to hear back from the many law schools he applied to, he started working a couple jobs here on campus; a campus safety officer and as a bartender at the Zellner Golf Course. Fortunately, Jaeger’s wait is finally over, as he was accepted into Stetson Law School, where he will be welcomed into their freshman class in fall 2021. Once settled into Stetson Law, Jaeger plans to join the Air Force ROTC program in hopes to eventually join the Air Force where he will start his career as a Judge Advocate General. As far as the rest of his journey, Jaeger says, “From there on we will see where life takes me. For now, pursuing a legal career and serving my country to the best of my ability sounds just fine to me.”

Jaeger has many people he would like to thank for helping him get to where he is today.

“Honestly, I wouldn't be here without so many people. People like Michael Hess, Cisco Ortiz, Amy Nicholls, and Jennifer Griggs, who guided me every step of the way and kept my head held high. They've taught me a lot during my years at Trine and were honestly my greatest mentors. Jackie Delegrange, I've only known her briefly, but she's quickly become a great inspiration to me personally and a great guiding voice as she just recently passed the BAR exam while working here at Trine. There were times where I would find myself overwhelmed by everything, I put myself through, but others like Kim Wright, Patrick Ridout, Alex Goplin helped me throughout difficult times in my life. Others like Sarah Franzen who provided great academic challenges that I would have never thought to experience before. Enhancing my writing and storytelling skills to greater heights. I mean how many professors have their students look through lost and obscure histories of our nation and hometown and bring that history to life? It was honestly some of my greatest experiences there. Lastly, I honestly would not be writing to you today without my parents helping, guiding, and supporting me through everything. Everything they've taught and prepared me for, they made me who I am today” (J. Derouin, Personal Interview, Feb. 4, 2020).

If you see Jaeger around campus (look for the campus safety uniform), be sure to congratulate him on his acceptance into Stetson Law!