You Can’t Take It With You Review

By: Amelia MillsPlay Photo

Trine’s Theatre department recently performed the famous 1930’s comedy, “You Can’t Take It With You”, last weekend. Not only was the show the first production fully in the hands of Professor Maples, but also showcased multiple talented actors and actresses that have not seen the collegiate stage. Talented freshmen include Julia Yagodinski, who starred as Essie Sycamore, and Alex Martz as Mr. DePinna. Alongside these talented actors were veterans such as Ivy Rubel as Gay Wellington, Blake Williams as Grandpa Sycamore, among many others.

Everything, from the actor’s performances, to costumes they wore on stage, was spectacular. Every detail was methodically planned and executed to ensure full immersion of the audience. Kelsey Flowers, a junior mathematics major, not only performed as the lead, Alice Sycamore, but they also helped create, organize, and gather all of the props found on stage. From small boxes overflowing with candy, the half-finished painting done by actor Maurice Echichioya, every ounce of passion was used to create this production. The stage manager, senior Taylor Drake, also played an immense role in making sure everything ran smoothly in and out of the theatre.

“You Can’t Take It With You” was not only the start for some amazing actors' careers here at Trine, but the show marked the beginning of much larger casts and bigger productions. As the Humanities and Communications department grow here on Trine’s campus, in turn so does the Theatre department. An arts presence that is much needed here, be on the lookout for any following productions, including the musical “Shrek” which will performed in Furth next April.