Taylor Hall Gets Improvements Catered to Students

By: Cooper Lee

This summer, Taylor Hall at Trine University’s main campus received upgrades in the form of the new HAC Lounge and Trine Broadcasting Network podcasting room.

Tucked away on the first floor of Taylor Hall is the brand-new student lounge, also known as the HACStudent Lounge.This upgrade to Wells Gallery has been received well by students and faculty alike, bringing a comfortable space for studies and relaxation. The lounge comes equipped with multiple seating options, from couches to a multi-use conference table. The lounge also provides storage for lunches in a small fridge, as well as public snacks for all students.

HAC Lounge

The new broadcasting room has found a home at the top of the second-floor stairs. From the brand-new microphones to the aesthetic appeal of the glassed room itself, the accommodations have upgraded the profile of Taylor Hall altogether. Students can use the room for projects, or a hobby to get out of the dorm.

These new additions have already proved useful to all students and faculty, coming at a time when the HAC Department is growing.