Cunningham Writing Contest Winners Announced

By: Akanksha Thakur

The student choice awards in the Amy Salyer Nicholl's Writing Center's “Walter Cunningham Writing Contest” have been announced. This contest is open to all undergrad main campus students. The categories of submission are academic, poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

For the academic writing category, in first place was Jessica Griffioen for "I'll Make a Subversive Reading Out of You: How Disney's Mulan Works against the Patriarchal Gender Binary and Compulsory Heterosexuality". In second place was Meghan Schrader for "Apologetic Speech Patterns in Women". And in third place was Kayla Tillmon for "Literary Analysis of Born a Crime by Trevor Noah".

For the poetry category, in first place was Meghan Shrader for "My Mother's Ghost". In second place was Eden Diller for "Metaphorical Lover". In third place was Amelia Mills for "Moonlight". Honorable mention was giving to Upasana Shrestha for "Things I Learnt in America". The student choice award was giving to Isabel Newcome for "Gold".

In the creative nonfiction category, in first place was Lain Sallee for "Don't Ask. Don't Tell." In second place was Upasana Shrestha for "The Accent of You." In third place was Meghan Shrader for "The Five Stages of Grief for the Young, Dumb, and Broken"

For the fiction category, in first place was Kendra Truesdale for "Cake and Dirt". In second place was Amelia Mills for "A Work in Progress, Chapter 1", In third place was Andrea Davenport for "Piano"

The winners will be honored in a small awards ceremony next Friday (attendance will be limited due to COVID capacity restrictions). All winning entries will be available on the Writing Center's website, as well as being available for purchase in a bound booklet. More details about the booklet will be provided soon.