HAC Award Ceremony

By: Cooper Lee

On the 21st of April, the HAC Department students and faculty gathered in Fabiani Theatre to present end of the year awards to the department’s students. Deserving students were recognized by distinguished faculty members of Trine’s HAC Department. Our most impressive students in the Humanities and Communications Department were awarded based on their work, and promise, in the and out of the classroom.

The awards were distributed to our best and brightest, including:

Writing Center Award- Presented by Janelle Pulczinski and awarded to Colleen Bell

Outstanding Spanish Student- Awarded to Wiseman Jordan-Clark and Aaron Rode for perfect attendance and working well with peers

Outstanding Work in Multimedia- Presented by Sarah Zimmer and awarded to Abbey Wang and Jessica Frederick

Outstanding Theatre Student- Presented by Mindy Maples and awarded to Matthew Ketner for participation in shows

Mal Foerster Backstage Award- Awarded to Kelsey Flowers for being props master in both shows

Outstanding Senior Drama Club Member- Beatrice Snavely for actions as house manager and performing

Outstanding Broadcast Network- Presented by Andy Brown and awarded to John Kay for his color commentating for every sport

Outstanding Freshman in HAC- Presented by Janelle Pulczinski and awarded to Lauren Banks

Outstanding New Student in HAC- Presented by Christine Olding and awarded to Ben Williams

Needler McGreggor Excellence in English- Presented by Jeannette Goddard and awarded to Alaina Sallee

Jeanine Samuelson Award- Presented by Alaina Sallee and awarded to Jessica Griffioen

Outstanding Senior in HAC- Presented by Sarah Zimmer and awarded to Shay Herbert

The HAC Media Team is very proud of all recognized at the 2020-21 HAC Award Ceremony, and we’re looking forward to what all of these students can contribute to the future.