Tri Beta’s Annual Plant Sale Continues to Grow

By: Cooper Lee, Executive Editor

The Biology Department here at Trine University will be putting on its annual Plant Sale next month.

Every year, in the month of April, the Biology Department co-hosts a Plant Sale with Tri Beta, the Biological Honors Society here on campus. Paige Reid, a senior here on campus and the head of the Society, says, “It started 10 years ago, and we try to keep the tradition alive.”

This sale is of great benefit to both the Honors Society and greater Biology Department. The intention of the sale is to help raise money for those involved and serves as a way for the students to learn about planting. Reid points out that their purpose is not just to raise money, but also, “To educate individuals on the planting process and bring them some joy with their very own plant to take home and care for.” This is a commendable aim and can give the overall student community a better connection with a department outside of their own jurisdiction. On March 15th, the Biological Honors Society began planting the seeds necessary for the sale, and toward the end of April they will be ready for the sale.

Doctor Anna Glowinski, a professor and overseer of the Plant Sale this year, says, “Tri Beta will have a variety of bedding plants and vegetables that can be transplanted and grown in your own landscaping and gardens.” These different types of plants can be purchased with anywhere from $1.00-$5.00, depending on the flower or vegetable. Beginning April 23rd and ending on the 24th, all students will be able to purchase these plants and become proud growers.

Order forms for the Annual Tri Beta Plant Sale will be sent out via email to all students on campus, so be on the lookout to contribute and be a plant owner yourself.