New Course offering in Psychology

By: Akanksha Thakur

Trine University is offering a new psychology course.

This new course is called PSY 403.01, and is titled Human Sexuality taught by Professor Kim Wright. This course is a survey of historical, cultural, and psychological origins of sex differences as they relate to sex role identity, stereotyping, and related behavior. Any student interested in taking this course needs to fulfill the prerequisite requirement of successful completion of PSY 113. After taking this course, students will be able to identify the basic historical, theoretical, and cultural issues related to human sexuality norms and values. They will be able to examine physical sexual functioning, gender role and identity, relationship issues, communication, and sexual dysfunction. They can extend a self-understanding of attitudes related to sexuality and employ an ability to think critically about issues related to sexuality.

Some chapters taught in this class include sexual beliefs of society, female, and male sexual anatomy, as well as gender issues, sexual arousal, and response. They talk about love and communicating in intimate relationships, sexual orientation, contraception, and conceiving children. This class also discusses sexuality development during adolescence and childhood, sexuality difficulties and solutions, STI’s and atypical sexual behavior. This class is taught in Best Hall, and the class has in person meetings from 11AM to 11:50 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This class consists of 100 points in total. Most of the major assignments consist of a movie review, 3 quizzes, human sexuality presentation, and a final cumulative exam. 

If any student has questions about this class, they can contact Professor Kim Wright at