Katie Pratt: The Art Show

By: Faith Patterson

Trine University sophomore Communications major Katie Pratt planned and worked the Art Show on November 10, 2021, in the T. Furth Center.

There were about 50 artists who participated with about 75 pieces of artwork. Pratt had the main role of gathering volunteers, helping with advertising, and anything else that was needed. The Art show was planned by Pratt’s Event Planning and Promotion class. Trine University has never had an art show before, so planning and hosting the show was quite difficult for some of the students. There were two volunteers at the event, but Pratt had advertised on social media platforms, got in contact with an organization who ended up backing out two days before the event took place, but was able to pull through with two volunteers which ended up being all that was needed. “All in all, I think the art show turned out pretty well,” said Pratt, “we did have some issues the day of the show, but we had a great turnout, way more people showed up than I thought would.” Overall, the show turned out well for this event, becoming the first art show to have been held at Trine University.