Trine Broadcasting Network

By: Amelia M. Mills

Sports at Trine University have always been a part of student life, but it’s not just the athletes who make the show run. Behind the scenes is an entire team that works for the Trine Broadcasting Network, running color commentary, working the cameras, helping with scores, monitoring chat, catching replays and so much more. Their boss, the man behind the whole operation, is Josh Hornbacher.

When asked how TBN helps train its students for the pressures and climate of actual broadcasting work, Hornbacher responded, “At TBN, student workers are doing the work day one. They get better and more familiar with everything as the semester progresses.” This is extremely true, as most students starting college have very little if any experience working behind the camera at major events, such as Homecoming, where thousands of people tune in.

The Trine Broadcasting Network is at every game, focusing on elevating the viewers' all-around experience. “TBN is always changing. Each year we try to do more to make the livestreams more professional. Whether it’s improved graphics, sideline reports or better cameras and internal communication, we’re always looking for ways to differentiate Trine and TBN from other industries. We want  to be the best and that means embracing change. There are alot of things on the horizon that I’m excited about.” says Josh.

Next time you tune into one of TBN’s many amazing broadcasts, know that there is a small team of students led by Hornbacher, some being trained that day, making the livestream work. Everything down to the camera switches is mostly manual, meaning that the employees have their job cut out for them. Just know that according to Josh, and many of his workers agree, “People might be surprised to know just how much fun we’re having behind the curtains.”