Free Movie Thursdays

By: Faith Patterson

Are you in need of a night off campus? Every Thursday, the Brokaw Theatre, located on the roundabout, shows free movies, and all you need is your student ID and cash for snacks!

On November 18, for example, they showed Eternals at 5:45PM and 9:00PM, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife at 6:00PM and 9:00PM. The movies that are shown on Free Movie Thursdays are whatever the owners can get their hands on, since the movie companies mandate what Brokaw plays and how long they can play the movies. The general manager of Brokaw Theater explains on average how many Trine Students come to Free Movie Thursdays, saying, “Last night we had 45 students. There have been times where we’ve had about 199, it kind of just varies right now as it’s getting colder. I think a lot of them walk so they are not as inclined to come up for it in the cold.” If students can bear the cold, there will be a lot of good movies coming to Brokaw soon.

Free Movie Thursdays used to be on Mondays, but now Brokaw is closed on Mondays due to slow business. We should all thank Trine University’s Student Government for setting up the original Free Movie Mondays a couple of years ago. Brokaw has had a new owner for about a year now, and there have been many changes since then! There is a new menu for the concession stands, an entire section of fidget toys near the concession stand, along with a variety of ice cream flavors to choose from. There’s also an entire candy store in the hall of the two theaters with gourmet candy, craft beer, root beer floats and much more! So, if you ever need to get off campus, come down to Brokaw Theater on Thursdays to enjoy a free movie at 6:00PM or 9:00PM with your Trine ID!