HAC News

TA Opportunities for Jannen School of Arts and Sciences

Sep 28, 2021
Justin Raymond

Justin Raymond, a Jannen School of Arts and Sciences senior Biology Major, is working as a TA in biology labs. The position occupied by Justin Raymond is a work-study experience offered to Biology and Chemistry majors. Raymond teaches a freshman, Introduction to Biology lab, meant to teach younger students the basics in lab practices and work. The work-study is quite expansive, giving the school's majors a chance to learn more while teaching new students.

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New Course offering in Psychology

Apr 23, 2021

Trine University is offering a new psychology course. This new course is called PSY 403.01, and is titled Human Sexuality taught by Professor Kim Wright. This course is a survey of historical, cultural, and psychological origins of sex differences as they relate to sex role identity, stereotyping, and related behavior. Any student interested in taking this course needs to fulfill the prerequisite requirement of successful completion of PSY 113.

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